About us

Our love for the land, our specialization in pomegranate cultivation, but also our respect for man and his environment, inspired us to create rooby.

Experience and knowledge

Our History

We, the Heena family, have been farmers for many generations. By combining experience and knowledge, we created our own pomegranate grove. This is how rooby came into existence.

Rooby’s activities range from cultivation and production all the way to packaging of the final product.

Rooby’s agricultural activities, once started from scratch, have grown and expanded and today, we pride ourselves in running our own pomegranate processing facilities.

The idea

“From the tree to your glass”

We are proud to introduce the consumer to the rich taste that pomegranate juice can have when it comes from first-class pomegranates.

For our range of pomegranate products, we exclusively use pomegranates grown in our own pomegranate grove. By controlling the entire process, from cultivation to packaging, we can ensure the production of certified quality products.

The name

Why rooby?

Each pomegranate contains around 700 seeds. Each seed resembles a ruby even though no two seeds have exactly the same shape. For us, each of our products is a different gem: none is the same as the other, but all together they are rooby.

What we offer

Why choose rooby?

Rooby aims to deliver products of high quality and nutritional value to the consumer, as it controls its products from cultivation to packaging.

We apply the Global G.A.P. quality management system.

For the last 2 years we have been included in an organic farming program.